Beware of Keyser Soze

Beware of Keyser Soze

"Suspects" is a film that is famous for having one of the most surprising endings - personally I am inclined to say that the ending of "Suspects", from all the endings of films, surprised me the most. The title of "Podejrzani" is five criminals - Dean Keaton (Byrne), McManus (Baldwin), Todd Hockney (Pollak), Fenster (Del Toro) and Verbal Kint (Spacey).


technology boss are involved in the explosion of the ship, which killed 27 people and disappeared cocaine worth $ 91 million. The witnesses of this event are: a heavily burned Hungarian immigrant who claims to have seen Keyser Soze, the devil himself, and one of the "suspects" - crippled criminal Verbal Kint.


Verbal decides to tell the police the whole story in exchange for invulnerability.


He returns in memory until he was arrested by the New York police together with the other "suspects", and later worked with them, making several assaults. The biggest advantage of the film is the Oscar-winning, precise script written by Christopher McQuarrie. The action of the film is quite complicated - many names are scrolling, there are frequent jumps from the present to the past, but everything is very coherent and logical.


A significant part of the film is Verbal's flashbacks told in a very interesting way, skilfully interrupted by conversations with agent David Kujan (Palminteri). The great advantage of the script is the captivating action - as time passes, we are more and more curious about what has happened on the ship, who Keyser Soze really is and how it will end. The film intrigues us even more by skillfully creating the form of the mysterious Keyser Soze - a Hungarian emigrant claims that he is a devil incarnate. In addition, Verbal talks about terrifying legends, as in a fit of anger Soze attacked by Turkish gangsters killed part of the family (the rest of the Turks were killed earlier), and then he took revenge on the perpetrators, killing them and everyone in any way associated with them. Four actors played it to get the right effect! But the biggest advantage of the script is the amazing ending - it explains everything, but it leaves the freedom of interpretation, which means we are still not sure what is the truth and what is not. But the script is not the only advantage - the film is played very well, especially Kevin Spacey, who won his first Oscar for this role. In addition, he is well-directed - Bryan Singer actually did not do many good films, but here he did impeccably.


The whole is complemented by atmospheric music and good photos. In conclusion, "Suspects" are definitely worth recommending to every fan of sensational films, but also movies in general.