Betty White Has Been A Busy Lady Lately, See Her New Clothing Line & Funny Video

Betty White Has Been A Busy Lady Lately, See Her New Clothing Line & Funny Video

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"Quentin Tarantino already writing his next film? Would you like more "Basterds"?"-- in which we learn what Quentin Tarantino's of up to next, who's involved, as well as ,.well, that's about it, but just click on the link, anyway. You know you want to.


Ever wonder what happens if news reporters couldn't hold their poise? Well, these next three videos demonstrate that in three different styles.


Don't be reluctant to stir things up a tiny. Take a little extra with regard to you give your video a little pizzazz. You actually try most things that has been really done, a feeling probably won't be made. In which mind that viewers can browse through millions of videos on his or her Internet may will be a success if your videos are unique from away from the conversations. Get information from friends, family and customers.


The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Haunted House is available in Long Beach, A lot of states. With a trio of She-demons, more than 45,000 scares per hour, 160 monsters, and 20-foot tall flames, it's no wonder than Amy and mom Mary Kay scream endlessly during the Halloween clip on The Ellen Showcase. The clip aired several days ago and again on Halloween. It's definitely worthy of this week's "Funny video Clip" award. In missed on Ellen, be guaranteed to check out the funny haunted house video below.


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